Hjem Designmanual DesignManual – Rules for Logo Use

Rules for logo use

When placing the logo, you should give the logo airspace equivalent to the width of the X in ”strex”. The airspace will then be scaled proportionally with the logo at all times. Always use the horisontal logo versions. The vertical version should only be used when the horisontal space is limited.

Main logo: «Betal med mobilregningen»:
The main logo version is the logo with the pay-off «Betal med mobilregningen». This should be used for all businesses when integrating Strex in a web shop or app.

Alternative logo 1: «Betal med SMS»:
The logo version with the pay-off «Betal med SMS» may be used for businesses with SMS as their main payment method, or businesses who frequently use SMS in their end-user communication.

Alternative logo 2: «Gi med SMS»:
The logo version with the pay-off «Gi med SMS» is meant for organizations and projects within the donation segment, to communicate the opportunity to donate with SMS.